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This section describes the operations that are necessary to prepare the execution of the ASTRO Suite.

Set the enviroment variable CATALINA_HOME to the ActiveBPEL engine folder location that you intend to use.

Set the enviroment variable TMP to the folder that you want use for temporary files.

REMARK: The ASTRO demo expects the Tomcat Web Server to run on the port 50000. Check that the file 'server.xml' in the 'conf' folder of the Tomcat installation contains a 'Connector' on that port number.

Start the Eclipse environment onto which you have previously installed the ASTRO Suite plugins.

Web Server

Start up the Tomcat Web Server clicking on the Tomcat icon from within the wsChainManager.


Create a new workspace or use a previously created one.

REMARK: It is possible to tell ActiveBPEL Designer which workspace to use directly from the command line by using the '-data <workspace>' option:

Change the perspective by browsing the ActiveWebFlow menu system as follows:

Window --> Open Perspective --> Other... --> Astro Suite wsAnimator

Import the ASTRO use cases into workspace:

File --> Import... --> Astro Suite wsUseCases --> Demo Case Studies into Workspace

Web Browser

Start your preferite browser and browse at URL 'http://localhost:50000/BpelAdminExt' to monitor processes. You may want to compare the extended ActiveBPEL admin page with the original one at URL 'http://localhost:50000/BpelAdmin'.


Running the composition demo

Running the verification demo

Running the monitoring demo


You are kindly invited to report bugs directly at the following URL:


We will be happy to supply and kind of support at the following address:


Info about the ASTRO Suite and the ASTRO project can be obtained at the following address:


To contact the ASTRO Suite development board, please email to:

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