ASTRO Suite 3.4.1

The ASTRO Suite 3.4.1 is a minor release of the ASTRO Suite that fixes minor bugs in the wsChainManager.

For a detailed description of the changes see the release notes.


The ASTRO Suite is a collection of stand-alone applications, ActiveBPEL extensions, Eclipse plugins and case studies that are used to demonstrate the results of the research conducted within the ASTRO project.



Provides the tools that perform the basic steps of business process composition, monitoring and verification.

Binary code:

wsToolset-1.8.0_installer.jar [11.5 MB]

Source code: [10.3 MB]

syntools-0.13.1_src.tar.gz [528.2 KB]


Enhances the standard process monitoring capabilities of the ActiveBPEL engine.

Binary code:

wsMonitor-1.6.0_installer.jar [14.4 MB]


wsPlugins is a collection of Eclipse Plug-In that enable the execution of the Astro Demo.

wsPlugins is composed by:

The download of the Astro Suite Eclipse Plugins takes advantage of the Eclipse Update mechanism. Select the Eclipse menu item "Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install..." and define a new Eclipse update site with the following location: "". Select the plugins that you want to download.

To perform process composition and verification the following tools are required:

To perform process monitoring the following tools are required:


Visit the release notes page to discover what's new in the ASTRO Suite.

Visit the system requirements page to find out the minimal system configuration required for running the ASTRO Suite.

Visit the install page to find out how to install the ASTRO Suite.

Visit the postinstall page to get further information about the ASTRO Suite.